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A One-Man Show

Tom Sweitzer, Music Therapist, Writer, Composer, and Actor takes us on a journey through his turbulent, colorful yet inspiring childhood. Raised by a dying compassionate Italian Mother and a Schizophrenic Father at age eight Tom runs away from home, lured by the music he hears pouring out from the church window across the street. When the church doors open, he’s met by a Sunday School teacher that changes his life forever. “20 Seconds," formerly known as "Meatballs and Music," is a 90-minute raw look into a man’s life which promises to remind us that we are all human if we only allow ourselves to hear the music
“ BEST SOLO Performance – The CapitalFringe Festival 2022”

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Join me in New York City September 10-October 21 at Signature Theatre on 42nd St.

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I am one of those lucky people to have had reconciliation with a parent before their death. Simply, as an Italian chunky little boy and only child living in a blue-collared town in the 70’s with a dying mom and a schizophrenic dad, I was in danger. One day I couldn’t take it anymore so I crossed the street on my own and ended up on the steps of a church. I was guided across the street by the music that I heard pouring out of the windows. When those doors opened, my life changed. I found much more than religion within that church. I found Music, Hope, and Love.

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This is a picture of Erdean, the Sunday School teacher who met me that day and changed my life forever by showing me music. This picture was taken many years later, a year before she passed away.

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